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Cryptocurrency and NFT issuers and service providers run businesses like any other.


They may need to comply with local laws in operating their businesses, implement proper policies and procedures to make sure they comply with local financial services and employment laws and regulations, ensure their contracts protect their interests and are enforceable, pay tax and protect themselves against potential liability.


Buying or selling a crypto business, raising capital, or bringing on a strategic partner, pose unique legal challenges for crypto issuers and service providers including unique challenges on due diligence, tax, intellectual property among others.  Crypto issuers and service providers need to ensure that their M&A and corporate finance transactions are supported by qualified lawyers, who understand the transaction and their objectives.

We can help you structure and operate your crypto business to ensure full compliance without unnecessarily hampering growth and commercial success and ensure that you and your business will not be exposed to liability.

We can also draft or advise you on your M&A and corporate finance documents; and provide you with knowledgeable support to ensure the successful and timely closure of your transactions.

We are happy to consider payment in fiat or crypto, case by case.

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